Sanford Airport Authority
The Sanford Airport Authority is comprised of nine members appointed by the Sanford City Commission. The Authority Elects its own chairman, vice chairman, and treasurer. The airport is operated by the President/CEO, who is appointed by the Authority, and her staff of 80 full-time employees.
It is the mission of the Sanford Airport Authority to operate, maintain, improve, expand and professionally manage the Orlando Sanford Airport for the convenience and benefit of the air traveling public and economic development of the Central Florida community.
In furtherance of this mission, the Authority shall seek both aviation and non-aviation business and industry to utilize the land, services and facilities located at the airport, and shall manage the airport resources in a prudent, lawful, community-conscious and fiscally responsible manner.

Airport Authority Members

Tim M. Slattery

Jennifer T. Dane, Esq.
Vice Chairman

William R. Miller

U. Henry Bowlin
Board Director

Tom Green
Board Director

Frank S. Ioppolo, Jr. Esq,
Board Director

Clyde H. Robertson, Jr.
Board Director

Clayton D. Simmons, Esq.
Board Director

Stephen P. Smith
Board Director

A.K. Shoemaker
Chairman Emeritus

Kenneth Wright
General Counsel
Airport Authority Staff                      407-585-4000

Diane H. Crews, A.A.E.
President and CEO

George D. Speake, C.M.
Executive Vice President & COO Airport Security Coordinator

Don Poore, PMP
Chief Financial Officer

Jerry Crocker
Director of Information

Al Nygren
Property Manager

Tom Fuehrer
Chief of Police

Jason Shippell
Fire Chief

Lauren Rowe
Communications Director
Airports Worldwide Staff                        407-585-4500

Larry D. Gouldthorpe, A.A.E., President
R. Keith Robinson, Vice President, Director of Finance
Elizabeth M. Brown, General Manager – SFB Operations
David W. Logan, Director of Operations and Maintenance
Rhonda Jorn, Director of Marketing
Michael J. Caires, Senior Marketing / Public Relations Manager
Michael D. Damico, ISS Manager
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